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  • wharf The Wharf
    A lovely Restaurant by the Thames in Teddington
  • fiveguys Five Guys
    American Invasion
  • phene The Phene
    Great local pub for a drink in Chelsea
  • mangotree Mango Tree
    Great but Expensive Dim Sum Place
  • makoto Makoto
    Sushi Time Chiswick
  • buenosaires Buenos Aires
    Argentine Steakhouse in Chiswick
  • lookingglass Tea Time
    Fashionista Afternoon Tea
  • jsheekey J Sheekey
    Oyster Bar in London
  • alboccondivino Al Boccon Di'Vino
    A Real Italian Feast
  • donostia Donostia
    Basque Cuisine in Marylebone
  • petersyard Coffee Time in Edinburgh
    Peter's Yard
  • bibis Bibi's Bakery
    Cakes, Cupcakes, and Macaroons
  • byronronaldo Burger Time
    Byron's new special
  • angelsbagpipes Angels With Bagpipes
    Scottish Cuisine
  • burgerbear Burger Bear
    A great Burger in Town
  • kilimanjaro Coffee Time in Edinburgh
  • gastronomica Gastronomica
    Italian Deli in Borough Market

Another Pizza Place in Chiswick

So let me ask you a question about the tip jar. I had a little thing with the calzone guy this week . I go to drop a buck in the tip jar and just as I am about to drop it in he looks the other way. And then when I am leaving he gives me this look think thanks for nothing. I mean if they don't notice it what's the point
George Costanza (Seinfeld episode “The Calzone”)

I’m still exploring all the food options in Chiswick. My last stop was a small authentic Italian restaurant called Tarantella. Opened by three Italian chefs, Giuseppe, Francesco, and Domenico. The place is usually fully booked, so one day for a late lunch we saw our opportunity. 

We got the Tarantella gnocchi and Tarantella explosiva half calzone half pizza. Pizza was ok, the calzone part with the nduja was superb, even thought that in some parts of the calzone was only dough with no filling. I will suggest cut from the middle so the nduja juices will drip all over the plate and then you can moist your pizza bread pieces into them. Pasta was traditional and with good spiciness as they use the same spicy nduja for the sauce.

Pizza time
Nice option, be aware as it's a small place so book in advance.

T: 020 8987 8877
Italian Cuisine / Pizzeria
Approx Damage: £20pp
Area: Chiswick
Borough: Hounslow
La Tarantella on Urbanspoon

The Wharf [On The Road: Teddington]

Eggs are eggs. That is very profound. By the same token you could say fish is fish. Ha ha ha! I don't think so 
George Costanza (Seinfeld episode “The Stand In”) 

I had the chance to go for dinner to The Wharf on Teddington. Lovely modern European restaurant set besides the Thames. Quiet, classic, perfect location, pictures of Duran Duran, and a pianist playing pop rock songs bringing me memories of brunch at bistrotheque

Scotch Egg
For starters I got Haddock and salmon scotch egg, perfectly executed, spotless. For main a beautiful black linguini with king prawns and crab. Again it was superb. 

Black Linguini
Lovely flavours, great presentation, good service, refined or you can call it posh but worthy if you’re around.

The Wharf
T: 020 8977 6333
European Cuisine
Approx Damage: £30pp
Twitter: Wharfteddington
Wharf on Urbanspoon Square Meal

Burger Wars Episode LXXXVIII: The Five Guys Effect [BurgeReview]

What do you tip a Wood Guy?
Jerry Seinfeld (Seinfeld episode “The Robbery”)

The other day while on a shopping rush in White City we bump into Five Guys. American Invasion fast food burger joint, the place still living up to the hype, these days 12 stores, and still packed but not big queues as the ones in the opening days on Covent Garden.

My burger a bacon cheeseburger with grilled onions, grilled mushrooms, jalapeño, lettuce, and tomatoes

Five Guys Burger
The verdict, a good greasy burger, great if you compare with fast food joints. This greasy spoon traditional joint flavours is definitely not my thing, Don’t get me wrong form time to time is ok, but I still prefer a more refined and upscale burger.

The damage, 8.75 quid for the bacon cheeseburger add all toppings you want.

The conclusion, I was amazed to see the Byron branch completely empty while the Five Guys was full with a healthy table turnaround. Londoners definitely are still dazzle by the five guys offer or maybe the 100+ flavours free refill soda machine. Good flavour, my main concern is the patties were overdone as they cook all of them well done, no juiciness factor, sorry for the die hard Five Guys fans but for me is not more than a 6 in my scale, I appreciate the extra fries they give you although they were a bit soggy.

Five Guys
T: 020 8740 7290
Burger Joint
Approx Damage: £15pp
Area: Shepherd's Bush
Borough: Hammersmith & Fullham
Twitter: FiveGuysUK
Five Guys on Urbanspoon

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