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Burger Wars Episode XII: Tatooine Brasserie

I have been several weekends trying to go to Automat, the reason is they have a special brunch burger but only on Saturdays and Sundays from noon to four. I finally got the chance and decided to give it a try, after my last two burgers expectations have been raising, I got back to back home runs with Albannach and The Cuban so with a new pitcher and bases loaded our clean up hitter was ready to take his turn at the plate.


The place is a posh/trendy American brasserie, music from the 60’s and 70’s, relaxed and stylish atmosphere, and as they defined themselves New York’s inimitable style. The Automat Brunch Burger is a 10 oz with bacon, eggs, sausage, and cheese.

The Automat Brunch Burger

The verdict, just amazing as expected, beautiful flavour, the beef is Nebraskan corn fed, big portion, chips were crunchy cut in dices and add herbs, everything was spot on. The hitter smashed the ball, and is going, going, gone, Grand Slam.

The damage, 22 quids for the burger, fries, and a beer.

The conclusion, definitely the best one so far, I can’t explain how good it was, you have to go and try it. They deserve an 9 in my scale.

This was similar to the Seinfeld episode “The Wink” where Kramer promises a sick boy (Bobby) that Paul O’Neill will hit two homers in the game for him but Bobby has to give back to Kramer a birthday card signed by the entire Yankee organization.

TV: Bottom of the eighth, score tied at one apiece. Two and one to Paul O'Neill.
Kramer: You know Bobby, it's very very hard to hit two home runs in one game. Even for Paul O'Neill.
Bobby: He can do it, Mr. Kramer. I know he can. He'll do it for me.
TV: Long fly ball into deep left field over Bell's head, O'Neill's rounding second, O'Neill going for third, O'Neill rounding.
Kramer: Come on Come on!
TV: Third being waived in.
Kramer: GO! GO!!
TV: Martinez throws it over Alomar's head. O'Neill is safe at home. And the Yankees take the lead.
Kramer: An in the park Home Run!
Bobby: Yeay!
Kramer: All Right! Yeah, well, I guess I'll be on my way.
TV: That's being scored a triple for Paul O'Neill with a throwing error charged to Martinez.
Bobby: Hey!
Kramer: Huh?
Bobby: That's not a home run.
Kramer: Yeah, maybe not technically, but...
Bobby: You said he'd hit two home runs.
Kramer: Oh, come on. Bobby, Bobby! That's just as good!
Bobby: Well, you're not taking that card.
Kramer: Now, Bobby, Bobby, we had a deal, gimme that.

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