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Burger Wars Episode XV: Chelsea Attack

Finally I went to the Cross Keys, I was in Wimbledon looking for flats, and called my friend Rob to meet in South Kensington, so as we were in the west end we decided to go to this hidden Chelsea public house founded in 1708. Both wanted to go for different reasons, mine was simply to try their burger.

The Cross Keys

Amazing pub, really quiet, only locals, so if you want to avoid tourists that’s the place to go. Anyway, too much yada yada yada, so let’s going to talk about the burger. You have 3 options to add to your burger, bacon, cheese, and egg. As I’m a little bit exaggerated, guess what? I ordered mine with everything.

The Menu

The verdict, amazing! really good flavour, nice patty, medium rare as asked, the french fries had parsley and had a buttery flavour, possibly they were fried in butter, didn't ask but really really really good.

The damage, 13 pounds the burger, fries, and a pint.

The conclusion, I can’t wait to go again, I see myself now living in SW19 going more regularly. Solid 9 for this Chelsea gastro pub. Thanks God I’m a Chelsea fan, so from now on every time I go for a match in Stamford Bridge I will end having this amazing burger.

The X Burger

The Cross Keys reminds me the Seinfeld episode “The Keys” where Kramer lost Jerry’s spare key privileges after invading Jerry’s life more than usual.

Kramer: Having the keys to Jerry's apartment, that kept me in a fantasy world. Every time I went over to his house it was like a vacation: better food, better view, better TV, cleaner, oh!, much cleaner. That became my reality. I ignored the squalor in my own life because I'm looking at life, you see, through Jerry's eyes. I was living in the twilight, living in the shadows, living in the darkness... like you.
George: Me?
Kramer: Oh, I can barely see you, George.
George: Stop it Kramer, you're freakin' me out.

The Dining Room

Cross Keys on Urbanspoon


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