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St John British food in the middle of Smithfield

Finally I went to St John, I’ve been trying to go since I saw Anthony Bourdain “No Reservations” episode in London and Edinburgh. The place was opened in 1994, and it’s one of a select group of restaurants here in London with 1 Michelin star.

St John's Menu

For those that aren’t familiar with the system, the scale goes from 1 star to 3, where 1 star indicates a good restaurant to stop on your journey, 2 stars is excellence cooking worth a detour, and 3 stars indicates an exceptional cuisine, worth a special journey. To give you a better idea of the Michelin system in the UK there are 4 restaurants with 3 stars (2 in Bray and 2 in London, Heston Blumenthal’s Fat Duck one of them), with 2 stars 14 restaurants (7 in London), and with 1 star the list is a few over 100 (and only 39 in London).

The Dinning room

The history of this Georgian building is vast, the place in the past was originally a smokehouse, later abandoned and also used as squats, greenhouse, Chinese beer store, and rave. Now completely transform internally but externally pretty much as it was built. You can find two distinctive areas, a bar for a more informal gathering and the dining room a bright white room. The staff was knowledgeable and helpful, and a quiet ambience to indulge yourself in their specialties.

Roast Bone Marrow
Roast Bone Marrow

But let’s talk about the food, I ordered 3 courses, for start I had to go with the Roast Bone Marrow & Parsley Salad, just amazing, for it was a first time and the flavour and taste of this dish is superb. As a main I went for the Middlewhite & Courgettes, good taste from this distinctive pork pig breed, but I have a huge problem here, the pork wasn’t with the right temperature, it was warm but starting to go cold, it was obvious the dish was out waiting to be served, a mistake you might pass to any regular restaurant but when you’re eating in a place like this you expect only perfection, if that would have happened to a Michelin inspector they would have probably loss their star. Courgettes were great and inexplicable at the right temperature. To end the meal I couldn’t leave without trying the Blood Cake and Fried Eggs, I love black pudding, the blood cake was great, the egg gives another dimension, good taste, and amazing flavour.


In conclusion a great meal, taking apart the small fluke they had with the cold Middlewhite, good wine selection to go with your food, and friendly staff, definitely a place to go. Be prepared to spend at least 50 quids eating there.

Blood Cake & Eggs

One of my favourite quotes in Seinfeld is in the episode “The Jimmy” where George Steinbrenner accused George of being stealing equipment.

George: You hem... wanted to see me Mr. Steinbrenner?
Steinbrenner: Yes George, come in ,come in. You know George I've been your biggest supporter around here and that’s why I was so disappointed to hear that you been pilfering the equipment.
George: George would never do anything like that.
Steinbrenner: No why would I. I own it.
George: Right!
Steinbrenner: So what are you saying?
George: Why would George steal from the Yankees?
Steinbrenner: He wouldn't.
George:  'course not
Steinbrenner: Exactly... I don't what the hell's going on here.
George: Sir?
Steinbrenner: Nothing.
George: Well seems it's about time for George's lunch.
Stein: Yes it is. Well let’s see what I have today. Darn it It's ham & cheese again and she forgot the fancy mustard. I told her I like that fancy mustard. You could put that fancy mustard on a shoe and it would taste pretty good to me. oh! she made it up with a cupcake though. Hey look at this. You know I got a new system for eating these things. I used to peel off the chocolate now I turn them upside down, I eat the cake first and save the frosting for the end.

St John
T: 020 7251 0848
British Cuisine
Borough: Islington
Area: Farringdon
Twitter: SJRestaurant
St John (Farringdon) on Urbanspoon

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