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The Abroad Burger

By chance I checked a magazine in my hotel in Chicago, my surprise was a recommendation for a burger in the Ritz Carlton Hotel, I’m not a fan of hotel food buy according to the review the burger was a must in the windy city. So as you should guess I had to try it…

The Ritz Carlton in Down-town Chicago 

The restaurant is Deca, located in Pearson St between the historic water tower and the Hancock center. As every other hotel you can go and try their buffet, but that was far from what I was looking for.

The Burger

My mission was to try their burger, a char grilled Wagyu burger. The burger comes with Wisconsin cheddar, bacon, horseradish cream fresh, and French fries. Wagyu is a cattle that gives meat with amazing marbling characteristics, an enhance flavour, tenderness and juiciness.

The burger was amazing, the patty, the bun, the balance, in conclusion spotless. Can’t wait to come back next time I’m in Chicagoland.

Ready to Roll

While writing the post I was zapping channels until I bump into the Seinfeld episode “The Trip part 2” where Jerry and George are looking for Kramer, and he is a suspected serial killer.

Kramer: I didn't kill anyone, I swear! I swear to God!

Lt. Martel: Don't you ever swear to my God, Kramer. My God is the god who protects the innocent and punishes the evil scum like you, have you got that?

Kramer: You're making a big mistake.

Lt. Martel: No! You have made the mistake, Kramer. Sickies like you always do. The only difference is that this time you're gonna pay.

Kramer: What?

Lt. Martel: Now you might beat the gas chamber Kramer, but as long as I have got a breath in my body you will never ever see the light of day again.

Kramer: Wow wow wow wow, you've got the wrong man!! It wasn't me!

Lt. Martel: Oh yeah, right. Maybe it was one of your other personalities huh, the wise guy, the little kid, the bellhop, the ball player, maybe the door to door vacuum cleaner salesman, but not you right? No, you wouldn't hurt a fly. You just couldn't help yourself, could you Kramer? You saw life brimming brightly with optimism and verve and you just had to snuff it out.

Kramer: Ok, can I just talk to somebody? Can I just explain...

Lt. Martel: I'm not interested in your explanations, Kramer! Sure, I bet you've got a million of 'em. Maybe your mother didn't love you enough, maybe the teacher didn't call on you in school when you had your little hand raised, maybe the pervert in the park had a present in his pants, huh? Well, I've got another theory Kramer: you're a weed.

Kramer: No...

Lt. Martel: Society is filled with them. They're choking the life out of the all pretty flowers.

Kramer sobs!

Lt. Martel: You see something even remotely pretty and you have to choke the life out if it, don't you Kramer?

Kramer cries !

Lt. Martel: You killed all the pretty flowers, didn't you Kramer? You killed the pretty little flowers, didn't you? You dirty, filthy, stinky weed! Didn't you?

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