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Gino’s east

Going to Chicago and not trying deep dish pizza is out of any equation, so in this occasion I decided to go to a different place. A friend recommended Gino’s East Pizzeria. The place was opened in 1966 by two taxi drivers frustrated with the rush hour traffic, and since then it’s well known and highly recommended.

Gino's East

The Menu

My first encounter with original Chicago style deep dish was very successful, Pizzeria Uno delivered as expected, so I was looking forward for this new option. Gino’s East, has a pretty particular atmospheres, I’m not sure if you have seen the 1979 classic movie “The Warriors”, but I felt like I was in the movie, the place is full of graffiti, with a distinctive urban atmosphere.

Mozzarella Fingers 
Deep Dish

The pizza is good but not great, my main complain is a lack of topping in the pizza, they could have been more generous with the toppings. The flavour is good and the staff friendly, but to be honest I prefer Uno.

Cheese & Pepperoni 

The place

Gino's East on Urbanspoon

Chicago: Second Home by the Sea…

I did more sightseeing in Chicago, I can’t get enough of this city, this time I discovered a couple of new places, the first one was The Wit rooftop bar. The place is posh, but really nice, so get your best gear and go there for a couple drinks.

Buckingham Fountain 

Continuing in these high altitudes, I also went to the Signature room in the John Hancock building, the place is amazing, I went for a drink, but can’t wait to come back for breakfast or brunch, amazing views of the city. I would strongly recommend going to the signature room instead of the observatory, same view and you can have a drink instead of paying the fee to go to the observatory.

Signature Room

Finally, I also went to the Willis Tower (former Sears Tower) Skydeck, the views are ok, I prefer the Hancock one, and to get up it takes forever due to the queue, but what is pretty cool is the ledge, a glass balcony 4.3 feet out in the 103 floor.

Willis Tower 

Skydeck ledge

Skydeck ledge

These high altitudes remind me the episode “The Voice” where Kramer is testing his oil tanker bladder idea in George’s office.

George: So, check out my view.
Jerry: Wow! Hey, there’s Clare. I better go down.
George: Hey, there’s Kramer & Darren.
Jerry: There’s the giant ball of oil. Clare’s right underneath that thing. Clare! Hello-o-o-o! Hello-o-o-o! Hello-o-o-o!
Clare: I don’t believe this. I am not looking up if you’re going to do that voice.
Kramer: Bombs away (Uh oh).
Jerry: This is going to be a shame.


Anonymous said...

Hi, I grew up in Chicago and enjoyed your review. However, Gino's East has been around since 1966, not 1996 (just a typo I'm sure). If you go to Chicago again, try Edwardo's. Best pizza on the god damned planet, or at least it was when I lived there many years ago.

Odo said...

Thanks for the tip... I will go to Edwardo's next time...
I just updated the post with the correct date...

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