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Hare & Tortoise... Not everything is Wagamama

Aren't you tired of eating in Wagamama? Well if you’re I will recommend you try their evil brother Hare & Tortoise. I’m pretty sure the owners of the two chains are not related but to me they are really similar options and concepts. My friend Adrian introduced the Hare to me, and to tell you the truth I like it more than the big brother. Basically a few reasons, they have more options, it’s pretty similar, and it’s cheaper.

The Menu

The hare is not as diversified and spread as the big noodle chain, but the consistency in the few restaurants I have been is pretty much the same and constant. I have been a few times and I can suggest you a couple options. For starter try the Maguro Tataki, the Shrimp Gyoza, or the Spicy Wings. For main you can go for their Katsu Curry Chicken version or the Beef and Black Beans sauce Noodles, also Singapore style Noodles are a classic choice. Moreover, if you’re craving for sushi as my friend Laura, you have a good selection and different options.



In my opinion the main difference between the two places is the menu the one in the hare is more complete, so if you want to go for the katsu or some noddles but have a friend that wants sushi and nothing else is no problem anymore as you will find those options in the menu. I would say I have perceived a miniaturising effect in the starters, the last couple times I have been there it appears to me that they are reducing the portions, but it’s still good value for money and the mains remain as big as usual.

Maguro Tataki

Spicy Wings

Katsu Curry

Noodles remind me the Seinfeld episode “The Virgin” where Jerry, George, and Kramer are going to order Chinese food.

George: We gotta get something. I don't want to go to that meeting on an empty stomach. Let's get some Chinese. You wanna order it?
Jerry: All right, but then we gotta get some work done. Let me just call Kramer, see if want anything. Hey, we’re ordering Chinese food. If you want anything, let me know what it is and I'll order for you.
Kramer: I'm in. Let's go for it.
George: What do you want?
Kramer: I don't care, whatever.
George: I'll tell you what. Why don't we just get a couple of dishes and we'll just share 'em.
Kramer: Okay. What are you getting?
George: I'm gonna get a Chow Fung.
Kramer: What's a Chow Fung?
George: It's a broad noodle.
Kramer: What do you mean, a broad noodle?
George: It's a big flat noodle.
Kramer: Well I don't want a big flat noodle.
George: What kind of noodle do you want?
Kramer: Who says I want a noodle?
George: All right, look. I'm getting the Chow Fung. You don't have to have any.
Kramer: All right. I'll get pea pods and you can't have any of my pea pods.
George: Fine.
Kramer: Get extra MSG.

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