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Modern Thai Eatery

My friend Caro had her birthday a few weeks back and decided to celebrate it in Busaba Ethai. For me was first time in the place. A casual dining venue with a decent and diverse selection in their menu, a relax decor with a strong style, and a friendly service.

The Menu


As starter I tried the chicken wings, the Por-pia jay (spring rolls), and the Pandan chicken, then as main I went for the Smoked chicken noodle. The food was amazing, excellent flavours, especially the Pandan Chicken with the garlic and coriander all wrapped in Pandan leaf, and the smoke noodles which come with Chinese broccoli and egg, good options, really tasty. My only complain was the chicken wings, they were basically anorexic, however, they were golden, crisp and really tasty, probably I've been eating too many wings in the US lately were the portions are huge and exaggerated. I didn't try the calamari but I have heard is quite good, also I regret I didn't have one of the special menus where you can try more options for a fixed price.

Por-pia Jay

Chicken Wings

Pandan Chicken

Smoked Chicken Noodle

Price is decent and the food is excellent. Don’t hesitate to give it a try to this Thai Flower.


Thai food reminds me the Seinfeld episode “The Bookstore

Peterman: Elaine, do you have a moment? It's about your lover.
Elaine: (Faking a broken heart) Oh yes. I know all about his little performance in the break room.
Peterman: Elaine, who among us hasn't snuck into the break room to nibble on a love newton?
Elaine: Love newton?
Peterman: I'm afraid the problem with Zach is more serious. He's back on the horse, Elaine. Smack. White palace. The Chinaman's nightcap.
Elaine: An addict? Well, it just keeps getting better!
Peterman: And, in a tiny way, I almost feel responsible. I'm the one who sent him to Thailand - in search of low-cost whistles. Filled his head with pseudoerotic tales of my own Opium excursions. Plus, I have him some phone numbers of places he could score near the hotel.
Elaine: Look, uh, Mr. Peterman, the fact is that I was planning on breaking up with Zach anyway. He was cheating on me!
Peterman: Damn it, Elaine. That wasn't Zach. That was the yam-yam. Now, he is going cold turkey. And you will be at his side.
Elaine: Oh. Well, you know, I had planned to uh
Peterman: No buts, Elaine. Or I will strip you of your 'associate' status. Uh, P.S., the first twenty-four hours are the worst. Better bring a poncho.

Busaba Eathai on Urbanspoon


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