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Mercedes Benz World

For the end of this year the team got us a day in Mercedes Benz World at Brooklands. Morning meetings to know about the performance and next year plans. But in the afternoon, we got two driving experiences. First the AMG and SLS driving experience and after that the off-road as well.

F1 Piece of Art

Nothing can get better than a V8 6.4 litres AMG in a race circuit, I definetely felt like I was one of the guests in Top Gear, you have to prove yourself first in a wet skid circle, doing 360s or just skidding and controlling the car, then going to try the ABS brake system in the wet straight, and finally feeling like the Stig and do your best in a circuit.

Mercedes AMG Fast and Furious

Also good is the Mercedes 4x4 off road circuit, where you put the 4x4 to test in their trail, simulating extreme conditions.

F1 on Display

The place is in Weybridge, Surrey, in the terrains of Brooklands, the first world motorsport track ever built and one of Britain first airfields. Nowadays, an aviation and motoring museum, where you can see historic cars, aircrafts, and even the concorde.

The Circuits (Copyright Mercedez-Benz UK LTD)

Excellent option for a day of speed just a couple hours far from London, 170 quids for an hour driving a Mercedes AMG is not bad at all, but if you’re like Depeche Mode and “Just Can’t Get Enough”, for only 395 you can get 3 hours.

A Piece of History

Racing and speed reminds me the Seinfeld episode “The Race” where Jerry has to face his archienemy from school Duncan Myers.

George: I can't believe you're really going out with a woman named Lois.
Jerry: I know, finally. But George, guess who her boss is. Duncan Meyers.
George: Duncan Meyers?
Elaine: Who's he?
Jerry: Elaine, only one other person in the world knows what I am about to tell you and that's George. When we were in the ninth grade they had us all line up at one end of the school yard for this big race to see who was going to represent the school in this track meet.
Elaine: Uh uh
Jerry: I was the last one on the end. George was next to me. And Mr. Bevilacqua, the gym . . .
Elaine: What's that?
Jerry: Mr. Bevilacqua, the gym teacher.
Elaine: Oh, of course.
Jerry: He was down at the other end. So he yells out, "Ready, On your mark, Get set," and I was so keyed up I just took off. By the time he said go I was ten yards ahead of everybody.
Elaine: No.
George: I looked up. I couldn't believe it.
Jerry: By the time the race was over I had won. I was shocked nobody had noticed the head start.
Elaine: Really?
Jerry: And I had won by so much a myth began to grow about my speed. Only Duncan suspected something was a miss. He's hated me ever since. Now he's back.
Elaine: Well what happened when you raced him again?
Jerry: I never did. In four years of high school I would never race anyone again. Not even to the end of the block to catch a bus. And so the legend grew. Everyone wanted me to race. They begged me. The track coach called my parents. Pleading. Telling them it was a sin to waste my god given talent. But I answered him in the same way I answered everyone. I chose not to run.
Elaine: So now Duncan is back?
Jerry: He's back. And I knew he would be someday. Man that's some tart cider!


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