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Carrie's Jewel

Before coming back to London after five months abroad, I did one last stop in Chicago and decided to go to Naha Carrie Nahabedian’s restaurant. I read a couple good reviews, the burger apparently is exceptional, and the restaurant has 1 Michelin star.

Also the butter suggests fine dinning


The place has a lean atmosphere, modern but quiet. Service is friendly and they go the extra mile. Before going for dinner I did my due diligence and discovered that in order to have the burger I needed to be in the lounge area, so I went to the bar, sat in a tool and checked the menu.

The menu

The burger was for sure, but I also decided to have the chicken wings, you know nothing better to try comfort food in a Michelin starred restaurant. The wings come lacquered with sweet hot chilies, lime and cilantro, serve over a kohlrabi, radicchio, and ravishes salad, with spice house ranch dressing. Sounds good isn’t? well, let me tell you it blow my mind, UNBELIEVABLE!, they were just amazing, best wings ever, the sweet chilies give an Asian flavour twist and with the dressing was just perfect.


Then I went for the burger, a half pound angus beef served on a house made sea salt crusted ciabatta bun, stone ground mustard, glazed onions, and I added artisan cheese and Korobuta pork belly. As side the burger came with hand cut fries. OMG! Amazing, if you think nothing goes wrong with bacon, well my friends you have to try the pork belly, it was just perfect the balance and combination. My only complaint was the fries weren’t the same quality, don’t get me wrong they were ok but the burger and the wings blow my mind so I was expecting no less from the fries.


Almost ready to attack

Ready to roll

If there is a Hall of Fame for burgers, Naha will have their place there. Amazing venue, good food, excellent service, is the kind of place where I become a regular.

Chicken wings reminds me the Seinfeld episode “The Apology”.

Jerry: Oh, great. Elaine. What is wrong with my body?
Elaine: Chicken wing shoulder blades.
Jerry: That's it?
Elaine: No, but that's one problem. Why?
Jerry: Well, I was walking around naked in front of Melissa the other day
Elaine: Whoa! Walking around naked? Ahh... that is not a good look for a man.
George: Why not? It's a good look for a woman.
Elaine: Well, the female body is a... work of art. The male body is utilitarian, it's for gettin' around, like a jeep.
Jerry: So you don't think it's attractive?
Elaine: It's hideous. The hair, the... the lumpiness. It's simian.
George: Well, some women like it.
Elaine: Hmm. Sickies.

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