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Un Boliche in London

My fascination for Argentinean culture comes from my dad. He lived in Argentina and the influence of those years was huge on him. I remember my childhood having BBQ in our garden almost every weekend, and my dad used to invite all his musician friends in order to sing his beloved tangos.

Cass Committee to investigate the place

Probably the first song I learnt wasn’t a children one or a lullabie, it was “Un Boliche”, the masterpiece of Carlos Acuña and Tito Cabano. Searching for places in London with live music I found Santa Maria del Sur. An Argentinean stakehouse in Battersea, showing every other Monday South American artists playing Tangos, Bossa Nova, or Latin folk music.

Bandoneon night

Immediately, I organised a dinner in the place with a couple friends. I ordered empanadas as starter (traditional Argentinean pasties), and a Parrillada this Argentinean mixed grill is to share, and brings sirloin, fillet, sausages, black pudding, and provolone cheese. All the meat is imported from Argentina, and cook to perfection in a charcoal grill.

Parrilla Time

The food was amazing, and the music superb, nothing like a Bandoneon playing your favourite tangos, with good wine, Quilmes beer, and excellent steak. I strongly recommend it as a Latin American, If you like steak this is the place to go, you can also check them in Gordon Ramsay’s F Word season 5 where they compete and won the best American restaurant for the F World’s Best Local Restaurant, and also reached semi finals.

Parrillero in action. Ernesto probably enjoying success after his excellent appearance in Gordon Ramsay's F Word

Argentina reminds me the Seinfeld episode “The Finale”.

Hoyt: Call Yev Kassem to the stand.
Bailiff: Call Yev Kassem.
Jerry: Who?
Elaine: The Soup Nazi!
Chiles: Soup Nazi? You people have a little pet name for everybody.
Hoyt: State your name.
Soup Nazi: Yev Kassem.
Hoyt: Could you spell that?
Soup Nazi: No! Next question.
Hoyt: How do you know the defendants?
Soup Nazi: They used to come to my restaurant.
Soup Nazi: But the idiot clowns did not know how to order. I banned that one, the woman for a year. Then one day, she came back.
Soup Nazi: She published my recipes. I had to close the store, move to Argentina. She ruined my business!
Elaine: Soup's not all that good anyway.
Soup Nazi: What did you say?

Santa Maria del Sur
T: 020 7622 2088
Argentinean Steakhouse
Borough: Wandsworth
Area: Battersea
Twitter: StaMariadelSur
Santa Maria Del Sur on Urbanspoon

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