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Burger Wars Episode XXIV: Tango Burger

I came back to Gaucho with some colleagues from work. So we decided to share a couple dishes but I couldn’t resist trying the burger this time. We opened the night having empanadas, grilled provoleta cheese, a sausage platter (with Argentinean chorizo, morcilla or black pudding, chorizo picante, pinchos, and a romero pepper), lots humitas, and the Gaucho sampler (Lomo, Chorizo, Ancho, and Cuadril cuts for 1200 gms of meat).

Sausage platter

Grilled Provoleta

The sausage platter was good, the humitas excellent, the provoleta cheese not quite good, have had better ones, and the sampler was fine, juicy cuts, and good standard for England where is quite difficult to find good stakehouse.

Gaucho Sampler 


But I try not to indulge myself too much this time with all that food as I wanted to try the burger, yes the Gaucho burger, a blend of Lomo, Chorizo, Ancho, and Cuadril, so basically was the sampler in a bun. The burger comes with a tomato, onion and chipotle chutney, Dansglad cheddar cheese, and Malbec mustard mayo, finally I decided to add a bacon into the combination.

The Gaucho Burger

Got my burger with a huge expectation, is it as good as the samplers I have tried in the past? The burger came stand alone so if you want chips you have to order them as a side.

The verdict, not good at all, I ordered medium rare and got it well done, the patty didn’t have any flavour at all to be honest, I don’t know if it was because it was overcooked or actually the blend is not appropriate for a burger, no moist or juices, the bacon was crunchy but disappointing, the cheddar was almost missing in action, to be completely honest it was a huge disaster.

The damage, 24 quids the burger, chips and a beer, the burger by itself is 16 quids.

The conclusion, Gaucho is a no go for burgers, if I were them I will take it out of the menu, keep on the safe side with the steaks, the sausage platter, and add as many humitas as you want. Low 5 in my scale for the Argentinian stakehouse.

This overcook experience reminds me the Seinfeld episode “The Shower Head” where Jerry is trying to convince Uncle Leo to leave his girlfriend.

Uncle Leo: Ah, she's a real tiger.
Jerry: I don't know how you do it.
Uncle Leo: What?
Jerry: A man like you, limiting yourself to one woman, I don't know. But it's none of my business.
Uncle Leo: What are you talking about?
Jerry: Well...
Uncle Leo: Look at this, I told them medium rare, it's medium.
Jerry: Hey, it happens.
Uncle Leo: I bet that cook is an anti-Semite.
Jerry: He has no idea who you are.
Uncle Leo: They don't just overcook a hamburger, Jerry.
Jerry: All right. Anyway, the point I was making before Goerbbles made your hamburger is a man like you could be dating women twenty years younger. Come on Uncle Leo, I've seen the way women look at you. When's the last time you looked in a mirror? You're an Adonis! You've got beautiful features, lovely skin, you're in the prime of your life here, you should be swinging. If I were you I'd tell this Lydia character, "It's been real" move back into that bachelor pad and put out a sign; Open for business.
Uncle Leo: Believe me, I thought about it. But she is so perfect in every way, I can't see a flaw.
Jerry: Well, keep looking.

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