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Burger Wars Episode XXVI: The French Corellian

There are a couple places I still have to go to be fair with my search of the best burger in rainy London. One of those was Bar Boulud. The place is Daniel Boulud’s bistro, two locations, Manhattan and the other one London. Daniel owns an extensive list of restaurants including the 3 Michelin star "Daniel", also he has won many awards including Best Chef, Best Restaurant, and Outstanding Chef of the year by the James Beard foundation. The place a modern French bistro, the best sit in the restaurant is definitely the bar that oversees the open plan kitchen. A note to this post is that they don’t like people taking pictures of the food so I had to act like a spy and use my iphone camera to take the pictures when the waitress wasn’t around.


The open plan kitchen

They have 3 burgers, the Yankee, The Frenchie, and the Piggie. If you go at afternoon tea hours the only option is the Yankee. And for their anniversary they put on the menu a lamb Moroccan burger. I have been two times so far, the first visit I got at afternoon tea time, so I had the Yankee, however I wanted to try the Frenchie, weird right! as a huge Yankees fan I should have been proud to have that one but the Frenchie looked more appealing to my pallet. As a consequence I decided to come back and in my second visit it was their anniversary so I had the special limited edition lamb burger.


First visit afternoon tea menu

In my second occasion I also got the rillons croustillants au poivre, crispy and tender pork belly and cracked pepper, which were superb.


Second visit Moroccan special

The verdict, excellent burgers, excellent services, and great atmosphere. The Yankee grilled beef patty with lettuce, tomato, sweet onion, pickle and cheddar just great. The anniversary Moroccan burger was amazing, Moroccan spiced lamb patty, sweet pepper ragout, and cucumber yoghurt, also they brought as a side chickpea fries served with Harissa ketchup.

The damage, 19 quids for the burger, chips, and a pint of Sierra Nevada.

The conclusion, excellent place, one of my favourite in London, I still have to try the Frenchie one, however the two burgers I had were spot on, have to say my favourite was the Moroccan one and the chips were excellent, a strong 9.5 in my scale for Daniel’s burger.

The Yankee

Moroccan style

Burgers and the cosy seats on Bar Boulud reminds me the Seinfeld episode “The Chinese Restaurant” where the gang is trying to get a table to have diner before a movie.

Jerry: I don't see any way we can eat and make this movie.
Elaine: Oh, well I have to eat.
Jerry: Well let's just order to go, we'll eat it in the cab.
Elaine: Eat it in the cab? Chinese food in a cab?
Jerry: We'll eat it in the movie.
Elaine: Oh, who do you think you're going? Do you think that they have big picnic tables there?
Jerry: Well what do you suggest?
Elaine: I say we leave now, we go to 'Skyburger' and we scarf 'em down.
Jerry: I'm not going to 'Skyburger'. Besides, it's in the opposite direction, let's just eat popcorn or something.

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