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Here we go again Madrid - Episode I: Why Mr Bourdain? Oldest Tapas Bar

After the last time I was in Madrid, I realised that it might be an episode of “No Reservation” about the Spanish Capital. Well, guess what yes there is one, I saw it and the first thing that came to my mind was damn you Anthony Bourdain, I will have to come back to Madrid to try a couple of those places that you’re recommending.

This is why I love Madrid 

So I got the excuse, I got the free days, in conclusion I was back following the steps of Tony. My first stop was La Bodega de la Ardosa. The place is one of the oldest tapas bar in Madrid, it was opened in 1892 and still has a lot of character, as soon as you’re in the place is like you travelled back in time.

Let's talk vintage

Got into the place ordered “Media Pinta” (half pint of beer) and started the culinary experience, first I tried the Tortilla, as it was highly recommended by Bourdain and is recognised as one of the best ones in Madrid, also had Morcilla de Foie which is a foie gras black pudding, amazing almost my favourite dishes combine, could you make it as a burger? Finally I got Cecina con Piquillos (piquillos’ peppers and Iberico cured meat).


One of the best tortillas

Morcilla de Foie

Cecina con Pimientos

The food was exceptional, the place unique, the service great, what else can I tell you, Bourdain have never been wrong, damn you Tony!

Like the Sonora Poncena song, Remembranzas de un pasado que ha empezado ayer

Spain always reminds me the Seinfeld episode “The Raincoats” when George’s parents invite Jerry’s parents to have Paella.

Estelle: You think they're coming tonight?
George: I don’t know they said maybe.
Frank: Of course they're coming, they're leaving soon. If they don't come tonight they might not see us.
Estelle: Well they better come, I got all this Paella.
Frank: I admire Morty and Helen going to France. We should take a trip, maybe a cruise.
George: Yes a cruise, a long cruise, just the two of you.
Estelle: Georgie what were you doing poking around the attic last night?
George: I, I wasn't in the attic.
Estelle: I heard noise.
George: Maybe it was a mouse.
Frank: OK that's it! We're moving!
George: What?
Frank: I will not tolerate infestation.
George: You haven't even seen one.
Frank: Don't you understand the very thought, the very idea, I'll never be comfortable again.


Campari & Soda 楊靜安 said...

great post.
p.s you are now n my top foodie list!

Odo said...

Glad you like it...
I also enjoy your blog, read it all the time...

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