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Burger Wars Episode XXXV: Rivington Grill

Rivington Grill in Shoreditch lead by head chef Simon Wadham, has a British seasonal menu in a loft style dining offering the best British ingredients to give you and honest and simple but memorable experience. Open 7 days a week from breakfast to diner.

The Place




Neon Decor

I had to go twice to Rivington Grill to have the burger, as in my first visit they ran out of patties. In my first attack after reluctantly studying the menu, just like a 5 years old spoiled kid that his mother don’t let him eating all the sweets he wants. I decided to have the salted beef with spring vegetables and mimosa dressing, and the fried duck egg with black faced haggis and HP sauce. The salt beef was ok, nothing fancy, with a light approach, but the duck egg with haggis, superb, now we are talking about!

Salt Beef Salad 

Haggis with Duck Egg

In my second visit they had the burger YES! I was looking forward to it I ordered the Rivington Luxury Burger with all the trimmings, just like when you got a costume when you were kid and it said “Mask included in the set”. I also decided to try another starter, so this time I asked for the Welsh Rarebit nothing like melted cheese on a toast to open your appetite, quite good, but hey I love cheese. As side Bubble and Squeak, can’t get more British than that, good and simple. Finally to ease my thirst a Bitburger beer, what a perfect name, isn’t it? First timer for that one, have to say as a stout drinker I really enjoyed that Pilsner.


Welsh Rarebit 

Fries and Bubble

The luxury burger brings bacon, egg, and salad (lettuce, tomato, onions, and gherkins), as side fries.

Rivington Luxury

The verdict, just excellent, the meat was cook medium rare, tasty, juicy, full of flavour, I made this huge tower I thought the bread was going to break apart but it hold until the last bite, just like a British stronghold under the attack of French mercenaries. The egg with the bacon gave the final touch for a perfect burger. The fries were good, crunchy outside, tender and soft on the inside.

The damage, 17.85 for the burger, the fries, and a Bitburger pint

The conclusion, excellent work Chef Wadham, one of the best burgers I have had in the last 35 attempts so far. I will give them a solid 9 and a well deserved spot into my top ten burgers.

The Star of the Night

Bacon reminds me the Seinfeld episode “The Soul Mate” when Kramer falls for Jerry’s girlfriend.

Jerry: So, what's on your mind?
Kramer: It's Pam.
Jerry: Pam? What about Pam?
Kramer: I love her, Jerry!
Jerry: You what?
Kramer: I love her!
Jerry: Is that right?
Kramer: Oh, she's uh... She's real. She can bring home the bacon and fry it in the pan.
Jerry: What does that mean?
Kramer: Oh, and that voice!
Jerry: What about her name?
Kramer: Pam? Oh, it's a beautiful name. Pam. Pam. Pam!
Jerry: She's got really nice hair.
Kramer: Oh, it's incredible. Although, I might replace her tortoise clip with one of those velvet scrunchies. I love those.
Jerry: You've got really specific tastes.
Kramer: Oh, I know what I want, Jerry.

Jerry: She's got nice calves.
Kramer: Oh, she's a dreamboat. But, you don't like her, so...
Jerry: Maybe I could, you're making some pretty good points.
Kramer: No you can't, Jerry.
Jerry: But I might.
Kramer: Oh, no you don't.
Jerry: Why not? The voice? The calves? The bacon?
Kramer: What...?
Jerry: I think I can! I even like the name! Pam!
Kramer: Huh?
Jerry: Pam!
Kramer: Huh?
Jerry: Pam!
Kramer: Huh-yah!

Rivington Grill
T: 020 7729 7053
British Cuisine
Borough: Hackney
Area: Shoreditch
Twitter: CapriceHoldings
Rivington Grill on Urbanspoon

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tori said...

I've often wandered past and wondered what this place was like (my husband, aka The Hungry One) works just near there. Thanks for the heads up!

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