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Burger Wars Episode XXXVIII: The Red Light MEATstrict Buzz

There is a new burger in town. Wait! It’s not new to be honest, so let me rephrase, there is an old burger with a new venue in town. Yes you probably guessed right I’m talking about MEATLiquor. So you will find in the next couple paragraphs as probably in the thousands of food bloggers, cult fans, die hard treekies, groupies and associates of the Meatwagon/#Meateasy or should I say Meatcraziness a few lines to try convince you why is good to wait a long long time for a burger and don’t die while you are in the process. 


I see the new venue some sort of Matrix Reloaded situation for that I would need to elaborate. To be completely honest I never went to #Meateasy, shame on me as my friend Tehbus and his friend Cheese & Biscuits would say, but after experience a 3 hour queue to order and then 2 more to get a cheese burger when the Meatwagon was parked in The Florence near Brixton I decided the burger was not good enough for all that time waiting. 


Liquor Menu

But now things have change a little I have to say, the famous Yianni apparently settled down in a quite reasonable space near Bond Street and is open from noon ‘till late, giving you the chance of avoid the huge hype/buzz created by establish London bloggers and twitter cult followers and enjoy fast food at its best. The decor is neon red illuminated and immediately took me to Berlin the urban/anarchic/street art decor is amazing and goes perfect with the place and the food. 

Are you sure we're not in Berlin? Ah! I knew I should have take that left turn in Albuquerque

With my classic paranoia of finding a huge queue and waiting 10hrs to get in I got to the place in a rather strange time something around 3ish. The place wasn’t empty, not surprisingly but plenty of options to sit down, I studied the menu and decided not to trust my luck so my only hope Obi Wan was to order almost everything from the menu, and then say to the lovely waitress this isn't the bill you’re looking for. 

I ordered the wings, the fried pickles, mac and three cheese, onion rings, and a bacon and cheese burger. 

Wings and Pickles 

Red Red Wings 

Red Red Pickles 

Mac & Three Cheese, Rings, and Red Burger

The verdict, the burger was quite good, but not as good as it was the first I got a long time ago in a meatwagon far away, probably too much expectation or anticipation. Still is one of the best around town. I love what they do with the crunchy bacon almost glued to the juicy patty and the melted cheese balancing the picture. 

The damage, 14 quid for a burger, fries and a MEATlager 

The conclusion, good burger I have to say, strong flavour, good balance, however what blew my mind was the wings and the fried pickles top marks for them, actually I think the pickles are the best ones I have had. The mac and three cheese is a no no, don’t waste your time on this, mine was bland. Good onion rings. I will give Yianni and MEATLiquor a 9 in my scale. 

Tadaaaaa! Yianni's Creation the bacon cheeseburger MEATstrict style

PS don’t forget the night vision goggles to be able to see the food as the red light MEATstrict doesn’t help. 

The neon red atmosphere remind me the Seinfeld episode “The Chicken Roaster” 

Jerry: What's going on in there? 
Kramer: What? 
Jerry: The light! 
Kramer: Oh the red, it’s the chicken roaster sign, its right across my window. 
Jerry: Can't you shut the shades? Kramer: They are shut

T: 020 7224 4239
Area: Marylebone
Borough: City of Westminster
Twitter: MEATLiquor
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