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New York Style Hot Dogs in London

One of the vendors or usual suspects in The Long Table and a place I was looking to eat in the past month was definitely Big Apple Hot Dogs. The tricky thing in this occasion was that they were completely the other side of town where my office is located and the of commuting for lunch was impossible, add to that they close at 6pm so the window of opportunity was limited. 

The Big Apple Magic

New Yorkers not going to be happy

Big Apple offer 4 official types of sausages but the day I went they had an additional one. Hand made using natural ingredients, 98% free range gluten free meat, and fresh buns. The offer an authentic NYC style hot dog in the rainy capital of England, with the guarantee it will be the best dog you have ever had. 

Abiye doing his part

Got there for lunch on a lucky day I was working in Central London near St Paul’s with the objective of trying as much as I can. My first victim the Big Dog, pork and beef Big Apple’s signature sausage, season with marjoram, garlic and black pepper, and double smoked. Love it, the smoky flavour with the garlic and the pork/beef sausage great combination. Then asked for a Big Frank but they didn’t have so I settled down for a Frank Junior, same as its big daddy, 100% pork Frankfurter seasoned with paprika, nutmeg and black pepper, and oak smoked. Beautiful, full of flavour, simple but tasty. Finally I asked for Pimp Steak which they didn’t have either but they offered a Polish Substitute. This Big Pole was great as the two before, a little bit more rustic than the predecessors but delicious, it’s difficult to choose a favourite I will probably try a different one every time as all of their dogs are excellent and his popularity in the last month is proof of that. 

Big Dog

Frank Junior

Big Pole

Go try them in Old Street from noon to six Tuesdays to Fridays or head over The Long Table next Friday night where you will find Abiye selling his creations which are at the same level of their New Yorker or Danish Copenhagen brothers. Just remember No Brains, No Bones, No Butts. 

Street Art nearby the Crime Scene

Hot Dogs always reminds me the Seinfeld episode “The Muffin Tops” 

Mr. Steinbrenner: John Tyler? George Steinbrenner here. I want to talk about George Costanza. I understand he's been dividing his time between us and you. I cannot have that. 
John Tyler: Well I don't know who he is but if you want him that bad I'm not giving him up that easily. 
Mr. Steinbrenner: Oh is that so. Playing a little hardball huh Jonny boy? 
John Tyler: How about this. You give me Costanza, I convert your concessions to all chicken no charge. Instead of hot dogs, chicken dogs. Instead of pretzels, chicken twists. Instead of beer, alcoholic chicken. 
Mr. Steinbrenner: How do you make that alcoholic chicken? 
John Tyler: Let if ferment, just like everything else. 
Mr. Steinbrenner: That stuff sounds great. All right. I'll have Costanza on the next bus.

Big Apple Hot Dogs
T: 079 6804 3245
Hot dogs / Street Food
Area: Shoreditch
Borough: Hackney
Twitter: BigAppleHotDogs
Big Apple Hot Dogs on Urbanspoon

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