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A Diner to die for in Brooklyn

A place I have been wanting to go for a long time was Diner. Basically since I saw the Anthony Bourdain “No Reservation” episode The Other Boroughs when Tony and food writer Peter Meehan ate at the place and Peter tells Tony that Diner’s burger was his favourie in NYC. Diner is one of Andrew Tarlow and Mark Firth’s three restaurants and Marlow & Daugthers butcher shop. Already a Bib Gourmand recognition, Tarlow and Firth concept is pushing the culinary boundaries in Brooklyn but keeping old school butchery traditions, sourcing their restaurants with any part of the animal they want giving the chefs of their restaurants plenty of room to get creative. 

The Place

Postcard Style Bill
The place and old 1920s wooden diner, how convenient, white tiles, dim lights, wooden cabin, classic diner booths, indie music out loud and helmich maneuver posters as part of the décor. I got really late around midnight as my plane goy delayed, thinking I was going to miss the burger and Chef Sean Rembold culinary artwork, but the place was open and serving food, sat at the bar, looked around and spotted just a couple of New Yorkers having drinks, got the menu a long hand written piece of paper from an old tilt roll but I already knew what to ask. 


Grass fed burger with melted cheese, fries, and pickled onions. The burger was perfectly cooked medium rare, the melted cheese was awesome, perfectly covering all the patty, the fries were excellent crunchy and a side sauce some sort of aioli to die for that I used to dip my fries.

As it Came

Close up

Almost Ready

Take Four: A Panoramic View

If there is a food heaven Diner has a spot right there. 

Diner reminds me the episode of Seinfeld “The Soup” 

Jerry: What are we doing out here? Aren't we going to go in and eat? 
George: I can't go in there. I feel too uncomfortable 
Jerry: Oh, what are you saying? So we're not going to go in there anymore? 
Elaine: Hey, What are you doing out here? 
Jerry: We can't eat here anymore, because he took a waitress out for a walk 
George: What's the difference? Let's go to Reggie’s 
Elaine: Reggie’s? I can't eat anything there 
George: It's the same menu 
Elaine: There's no “Big Salad” 
George: They'll make you a “Big Salad.” What do you think, they're the only ones that make a “Big Salad”?

T: +1 718 486 3077
Diner / American Cuisine
Neighbourhood: Williamsburg
Borough: Brooklyn
New York
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