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Who is your daddy? Hopdoddy?

While eating the amazing buns in East Side King I met a sous chef from a local sushi place in Austin that was eating in my communal table. He started to ask me about why I was taking pictures of the food, and one thing led to another at the end he recommended me to try according to him the best burger in Austin. 

Beer + Burger = Happiness

The place Hopdoddy, a burger bar to pay tribute to beer and burgers, you do a queue to order at the counter then just sit, relax, and enjoy your 7oz of black angus beef. What is special well every morning they grind the beef then make the patties, and don’t forget baking buns of challah and honeywheat in the Dough-Jo as they call it. Add to that the hand cut Kennebec potatoes that would make proud any Irish man. Finally craft draft from local artisanal small batch to enjoy your Hop, maybe an IPA, or a Porter, even Hefe and Pilz are present, one of the draft reminded me Genesis I Know What I Like, the St Arnold Lawnmower, I wonder if you can tell him by the way he walks? 

The Place 

The Menu

12 options to choose, it took me the entire queue to decide at the end my mind was at rest, Buffalo Bill it is. Bison, blue cheese, Frank’s hot sauce, apple smoked bacon, and Sassy sauce. We add fries to share, shakes and beers odd combination for a Sunday. 


Dr Bison where is Jackie Chiles

My burger was superb, perfectly cooked, excellent balance the lean bison meat and the winning combination of blue cheese and bacon. I would eat there every day if I could. Awesome! Definitely one of my favourite burgers, nothing to envy to NYC or London burger scene. Fries were excellent, crunchy and soft and the chile cheese sauce to dip was tasty.

Delicious, Luscious, Delightful!

Bison reminds me the Seinfeld episode “The Caddy” 

Jackie: So you're driving in the car, you're with your friend, minding your own business? 
Kramer: Yeah. 
Jackie: Then what happened? 
Kramer: Then we saw this woman, and she was wearing a bra with no top. 
Jackie: No top? She didn't have a top on? 
Kramer: No. So I got distracted and I crashed the car. 
Jackie: Well how would you describe this woman? Would you say she was an attractive woman? 
Kramer: Oh, yeah. 
Jackie: So we got an attractive woman, wearing a bra, no top, walking around in broad daylight. She's flouting society's conventions! 
Kramer: She was flouting. 
Jackie: That's totally inappropriate. It's lewd, mischievous, salacious, outrageous!
Kramer: It was outrageous. And she's the heir to the O'Henry candy bar fortune. 
Jackie: Could you repeat that? 
Kramer: I said she's the heir to the O'Henry candy bar fortune. 
Jackie: O'Henry? That's one of our top-selling candy bars. It's got chocolate, peanuts, nougat, it's delicious, scrumptious, outstanding! Have you been to a doctor? 
Kramer: No. 
Jackie: Susie, call Dr. Bison, set up an appointment for Mr. Kramer, tell him it's for me. 
Kramer: So what do you think, Jackie? I mean we got a case? 
Jackie: Like taking candy from a baby.

T: +1 512 243 7505
Neighbourhood: South Congress
Twitter: hopdoddy
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