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How many Dukes are around here?

I love British pub’s names there is always a Duke, or a Commander, or a Prince, do you know what is the most used name for pub? Apparently is the Red Lion, anyway somewhere not over the rainbow I found out that the burger in the Duke of Wellington, the one in Edgware road was pretty good. So lazy Sunday, recovering from a tooth pain I decided to go. 

The Duke
Fancy a match
The Duke of Wellington, a gastropub, classic modern European food, interior design by Maria Hipwell, loved the sputnik lamps, pretty friendly and cosy atmosphere, modern yet old feeling, is just according to their site “a hidden secret in the heart of Marylebone”. 

Awesome Lamps
Got to the place and it was packed, I asked how long to get a table and they told me at least 30min, so I got to the bar and ordered a Bloody Mary to wait. Half an hour nothing, another couple arrived, second Bloody Mary I asked again, and surprisingly the waitress pointed me out that the couple that just arrived was in front of me, how is that possible they just arrived? Do they have reservation? No she answer, basically she didn’t recall I was there, seriously? That burger must be a hell of a burger at this point. Another half an hour nothing, finally three tables and I got one. 

Bloody Mary Time
A fiver plus a quid
Got the menu, and guess what no burger, yes they have burgers everyday but Sunday. Well, too late to change my mind so I ordered cauliflower and parmesan soup, and a focaccia with artichokes, rocket, sweet potato flakes, shaved fennel, goat cheese cream and tapenade. 

The food was superb, this is serious business, even though that the staff in the pub is rude, and the service is terrible, I didn’t even get water, but the food is so good that you will be happy to suck it up, ignore them and enjoy your food. The soup was creamy, the parmesan wasn’t too overpowering, excellent texture and nice flavour developed. The focaccia really good, the combination was in complete balance, the acidity was perfect, the tapenade was perfect, the olives, capers and anchovies pureed was exquisite, the toast bread was crunchy outside I thought at the beginning that it was too toasted but then inside was moist and soft, brilliant. 

Have to say I will come back for the burger, and yes I will ignore the staff, the Duke is an excellent gastropub, their food is spot on but they should consider to train the staff or even change it as not everybody is as accommodating or tolerant as I am. It might had been a busy day and I was unlucky, we will see if things change in my next visit. 

The experience reminded me the Seinfeld episode “The Pledge Drive” when George thinks the waitress is giving him the finger.

George: Excuse me, sweetheart? I think you may have overcharged us. What is this? 
Waitress: That's the extra toast. Get it? 
George: Got it. Did you just see what happened here? 
Elaine: What? 
George: Did you see the way she pointed at the check? She gave me the finger 
Jerry: That's how waitress types express derision. They don't want to get their mouths dirty

The Duke of Wellington
T: 020 7723 2790
Aprox Damage: £20pp
Area: Marylebone
Borough: City of Westminster
Duke of Wellington, Bar and Dining Room on Urbanspoon

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