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It’s a Trunk world Bar and Diner [On The Road/BurgeReview: Melbourne]

Literally beside my hotel was this place that at noon they sell a good reviewed burger. The place has two menus one at nights under Trunk and the other one at daylight under Trunk Diner. So if the burger is good how bad can be the rest of the menu right? 

Trunk Town
The bar place
The diner place
My first visit was for dinner to the bar, the open air terrace or garden patio was full same as the dining room, loud music, modern warehouse, Italian menu, British style go to the bar order your drinks, food, and pay your bill. 

The bar
Trunk dinner
Ordered a local lager Cricketers Arms, an Arancini and a pizza pescatore, first bad sign food was ready in less than 10 minutes, seriously that’s not even enough time to reheat! Arancini had a nice flavour, weird texture though, overall ok. The pizza a train wreck, let me see where do I start? Some of the seafood on top was cold, freezing cold, the blue swimmer crab meat, the calamari, the prawns, most of them cold and chewy. Then zucchini didn’t went good at all, and chilli was inexistent. At least the crust was nice, also the beer. 

Second visit, yes I don’t believe I went for a second round after that experience but the burger according to bloggers is in the top of the lists. The diner is pretty industrial and irreverent, metal structure, no walls, instead a plastic cover, and a retractable roof to give a sort of al fresco experience, again you can use the beer garden/terrace if you want, I will recommend to do that on a sunny day. 

Trunk diner
World famous burger
Inside diner
As quite few of other places they are open only for breakfast and lunch, so a pretty narrow window to get the burger, 175 grams of fresh ground Wagyu beef comes in a grilled brioche bun, baby cos lettuce, tomato, and house pickles, you can add a couple tweaks I went for caramelised onions, sautéed mushrooms, crispy bacon, and gruyere, as a side small fries. 

Burger time
Size is small or should we call it again petite, all burgers are cooked medium rare, loved that quote from the menu, took a bit to arrive, not as ridiculous fast as their next door bar. The burger was great, not as small as it looks like, loved the patty, the flavour, perfectly cooked, the add ins were all nice, but a bit too much, I know my fault just add the smoky crispy bacon the next time. The cheese a bit disappointing, not completely melted or covering fully the patty, but overall a great burger, fries were superb, what they missed was a dipping sauce that would have been heavenly but they were top notch. 

Close up
In conclusion Trunk Town is a quite nice to go and have a couple beers in the bar or in the patio, go for the burger I would recommend to pass on the pizza. 

Trunk reminds me The Seinfeld episode “The Susie” when a colleague at Elaine’s office starts to call her Susie 

Jerry: Oh, the trunk's broken, it's rattling 
Elaine: Jerry, I don't know how much longer I can keep this up. They're starting to give Susie assignments now 
Jerry: Well, there's only one thing to do, eliminate her 
Elaine: What? 
Jerry: Get rid of Susie, make her disappear 
Elaine: I kind of like her 
Jerry: She's Gone 
Elaine: Jerry… 
Jerry: Gone! That bumper sticker

Trunk / Trunk Diner
T: +61 3 9663 7994
Italian / American
Approx Damage: AUS$ 25pp
Neighbourhood: CBD
Twitter: Trunktown275
Trunk on Urbanspoon
Trunk Diner on Urbanspoon


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