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Not all hotel restaurants are bad [On The Road: Houston]

I try to avoid hotel restaurants, unless it’s run by an acclaimed chef or the reviews are too obvious. Houston has a particular restaurant scene, the venues and cuisines are quite good and diverse, the plates are most of the time huge, and the restaurants close quite early. Believe it or not they shut down at times when other cities are just starting dinner time, I learnt this fact the hard way, when a couple times after 9:30pm was almost mission impossible to get a decent place serving food. 

One of this was after a delayed flight, I arrived to Houston with a couple colleagues and we realised it was impossible to make it to any restaurant, so we decided to give it a try to the hotel. The venue, JW Marriott in Galleria, their restaurant Destino, good name as it was basically destiny to eat at that place that particular day. Executive chef Robbin Murphy and chef de cuisine Hassan Obaye in charge of our fate. 

Our Destiny
We started the night with charred corn guacamole, tortilla chips with guacamole, they were outstanding, the tortillas home-made, crispy and still hot, and the guacamole was quite good, nice acid touch, excellent start, things were now promising. As main I got the Niman Ranch baby back ribs, they were quite good, the bbq sauce had a nice sweet touch. The side some truffle chips and a Hill Country blue cheese slaw, chips were excellent and the slaw was nice, sweet and good punch of the blue cheese. 

Guacamole and tortillas
Rib time
A nice surprise, pretty good diner that make me believe there is still hope for hotel restaurants. 

Hotels remind me the Seinfeld episode “The Trip” 

Lupe: Hello. I have more towels 
George: Oh good, good, come in. Come in, welcome. I'm George. And this is Jerry, over there, on the phone, that's Jerry. And you are, um? 
Lupe: Lupe 
George: Lupe. That's very nice, very nice. Listen, are you going to be making up the bed in the morning? 
Lupe: Yes 
George: Fine. Excellent. Could you do me a favour? Could you not tuck the blankets in? Because I can't sleep all tucked in 
Lupe: Oh, yes, yes 
George: Yes, I like to just be able to take the blankets and swish them and swirl them, you know what I mean? You know, I don't like being all tucked in. I like to have a lot of room, you know I like to have my toes pointed up in the air. Just like to scrunch up the blankets

T: +1 713 961 1500
American Cuisine
Approx Damage: $40pp
Area: Galleria
Neighbourhood: Uptown
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