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Korean Fried Chicken the secret of the Colonel [On The Road: Melbourne]

I do like chicken even that in the culinary world is considered a bit of a boring protein. Here in Melbourne there are a couple Korean places that specialised in chicken and beer, what else can be better, probably a baseball match to have the perfect trilogy. Looking for options I got to a post from BurgerMary, where she recommended a place called Gami, funny fact the place is not more than 20 metres from my hotel, so yada yada yada, I ended eating in the place. 

The place
Small, simple, and bright, meaning that the lights could illuminate a baseball field. Pretty packed, the only person not Asian in the whole place was probably me. Checked the menu even though I knew the droids I was looking for, they have 3 flavours, original, sweet chilli, and sweet soy garlic source, sources, don’t think is my typo actually the menu says source instead of sauce. BurgerMary in her review quite accurately highlighted not to go for the flavour ones as after a couple bites they get harder to eat, but probably as you will do after reading this, I had to learn from my mistakes, yada yada yada, I got a flavour one. 

Extra source
I ordered a Hite, Korean beer, a half chicken original flavour, and 6 chicken wings sweet soy garlic. The beer was light and nice, even the slogan is clean and pure. The chicken was great, nicely fried, tender and juicy inside, the wings surprisingly after the second one I couldn't care less for the source, sorry sauce. 

Beer and nibbles
Chicken time
Wings time
Nice place, simple food, finally I discovered the Colonel secret came from Korea, probably Frank Costanza brought the recipe. 

Colonel secret?
That reminds me the Seinfeld episode “The Fatigues” 

George: Dad 
Frank: What are you wearing, an athletic sweat suit? 
George: What are you doing here? 
Kramer: Well, he came by to pick up his check for the banquet hall. You know I got a hundred and eighty-three responses? Oh, it's going to be a rager 
Jerry: Kramer, how are you going to cook Jewish delicacies for a hundred and eighty-three people? 
Kramer: Yeah, you're right. That's a lot of pupkitz. Hey Frank, you know anybody who can help me cook? 
Frank: Cook? No, I don't know any cooks. I don't know anything about cooking! 
Kramer: What's the matter with him? 
George: My dad was a cook during the Korean War. Something very bad happened, ever since you can't get him near a kitchen 
Kramer: Shell-shocked? 
George: Oh yeah, but that has nothing to do with it

T: +61 3 9671 3232
Korean Cuisines
Approx Damage: AU$ 20pp
Neighbourhood: CBD
Gami on Urbanspoon


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