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Va not so Bene

A swing and a miss for me in Melbourne was definitely on the pizza side. I went to just a couple places, got a couple deliveries, but none of them were good enough. One of the places I visited was Va Bene, located in the docklands nearby the office. The place is located in the 100 year old boat shed in the oldest waterfront central pier. Open kitchen so you can observed how your pizza is created, a modern space with rustic seating on a long wooden communal tables. 

The place
I got to the place, it was like a ghost town, only another table, the place almost empty, studied the menu for a couple minutes and went for the prosciutto pizza. They tried to beat Trunk record as I got the pizza in less than 10 minutes as well. Bianca base so no tomato sauce, not bad, a bit on the salty side the overall pizza and it wasn't the prosciutto, one thing they add the prosciutto after the pizza left the oven as they should. Overall ok, not my thing though. 

Pizza time
I have to say I don't fancy too much the pizza, there are better options around, maybe I'm not used to the Australian take on pizza, but definitely haven't struck gold in the pizza department around Melbourne.

My overall feeling
Pizza reminds me the Seinfeld episode “The Glasses” 

Jerry: No you can't. Now let's cut the ball, sister! You think I don't know about you swapping spit with somebody yesterday on Columbus Avenue? 
Amy: What are you talking about? 
Jerry: Look, my friend saw you 
Amy: Saw me? With who? 
Jerry: You tell me 
Amy: There's nothing to tell 
Jerry: There isn't? 
Amy: No 
Jerry: Oh, all right, want to get some pizza? 
Amy: I had a feeling this was too good to be true 
Jerry: Why? 
Amy: I knew there had to be another side to you 
Jerry: No, no, there's no side! 
Amy: There is a side, an ugly side 
Jerry: No, no, no ugly side

Va Bene
T: +61 3 8623 9690
Pizzeria / Italian Cuisine
Approx Damage: AU$ 30pp
Area: Docklands
Twitter: VaBenePizzeria
Va Bene Pizzeria e Pasta Cucina on Urbanspoon


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