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Burger Wars Episode LI: The Entourage [BurgeReview]

The place now buzzing on twitter is no other than Patty & Bun. Pop up concept, passed by The Doodle Bar in collaboration with Street Kitchen and more recently The Endurance pub, classic British pub, loud music, animal decorations on the walls, the bar in the centre, and a good selection of beers. Joe Grossman the man behind the venture did a lot of research in the US, his inspiration apparently was bringing to London a Shake Shack style. 

The Endurance
Current venue
The options, 5 burgers 3 beef, 1 chicken, and a vegetarian one, chicken wings and chips. I went for the Ari Gold, cheese, lettuce, tomato, pickled onions, ketchup, smokey P&B mayo, and I add bacon to the mix, everything on a brioche bun. 

Cash only policy
Rosemary & Salt Chips
Burger Time
The verdict, awesome, flavour is spot on, the burger is messy, juices all over so prepare to get dirty, the special mayo is pretty good, the pickled onions a nice touch, the meaty bacon, everything is excellent, pretty nice balance. Fries were ok, a bit on the salty side. I also couldn't resist having wings, they were superb, the BBQ sauce was perfect. 

The damage, 10 quid for the burger and chips. 

The conclusion, excellent burger, Joe is doing an amazing job, an brought to London a top version that challenges any of the established places like MEATliquor, Lucky Chip, Elliot’s Cafe, etc. I will give them a solid 9 in my scale. 

I introduce to you Ari Gold
The combo
Hurry up as they will be another week in The Endurance, or follow them on twitter to know their next eclectic and interesting venue. 

Close up
Burger reminds me the Seinfeld episode “The Van Buren Boys” 

George: Hey, I think I may have found someone for the scholarship 
Jerry: Yeah? 
George: I'm interviewing all these annoying little overachievers, finally, this kid walks in, Steven Koren a regular guy, likes sports, watches T.V. 
Jerry: Is he smart? 
George: He knows how to read. And he also knows finishing an entire book doesn't prove anything, and get this, he's into architecture 
Jerry: Hey! Just like you pretend to be 
George: Yes. With a little guidance, Steven Koren is going to be everything I claim to be, only for real, that's my dream, Jerry
Jerry: I had a dream last night that a hamburger was eating me!

Patty & Bun
Burgers / Pop Up
Twitter: pattyandbunjoe

The Endurance
T: 020 7437 2944
Area: Soho
Borough: City of Westminster
Twitter: TheEnduranceLDN
Endurance on Urbanspoon


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