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A Visit to my Sydneysider Friends [On The Road]

No I'm not misspelling apparently that’s how you formally call Sydney inhabitants, the most populous city in Australia, established in 1788 as a penal colony. A place with mild winters and warm summers, with amazing beaches, and a cosmopolitan vibe. 

Sydney Opera House
Things not to miss are, the Opera House, Harbour Bridge, have a stroll at the great coastal walk, enjoying sunbathing in any of the amazing beaches or take a surf lesson in the iconic Bondi Beach, have breakfast in any of the cafes around town, go for drinks in Surry Hills, go take a panoramic picture at the AMP tower also known as Sydney Tower, spend a lazy day walking around Hyde Park and the Royal Botanic Garden, eating and drinking in The Rocks to enjoy 19th century warehouse converted into posh restaurants. 

A local playing Didgeridoo
The Rocks
Bondi Beach
I had a great time there, and my friend Gian was a superb host and tour guide. 

Yesterday was Father's day I couldn't but remember the Seinfeld episode “The English Patient” 

Izzy: What are you doing here? 
Jerry: Mr Mandelbaum, I just wanted to come by and tell you how sorry I was that you hurt yourself 
Izzy: What the hell is that? 
Jerry: What? 
Izzy: That shirt. You think that you are the number one dad? 
Morty: This was a gift from my son 
Izzy: Oh, I see how it works now. He knocks me out to commission, so you can strut around in your fancy number one shirt. Well, I'll show you who's number one 
Jerry: Mr Mandelbaum, please 
Izzy: It's go time... Ahh, My back. I can't move 
Morty: Call an ambulance 
Jerry: I think I saw one a couple doors down



max said...

You got Sydneysider right but misspelt my neighborhood Surry Hills ;)

Odo said...

Max thanks for the correction... misspelt fixed :)

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