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Churchill Where are the arms?

One of my favourite watering holes in London is The Churchill Arms. The décor definitely has character, old memorabilia all around, historic pub, opened in 1750, and an excellent Guinness. For that reason I always take visitors there, so they can experience a nice British pub. One thing I’m trying to figure it out is why in that area most of the pubs have a Thai restaurant, it’s like a theme in Kensington/Notting Hill, well Churchill is one of them and actually the first one in London to have a Thai restaurant, so we must blame them for that. 

The pub
Getting in
My friend Maraca came down here to the rainy capital, and stayed nearby the Bayswater area so our first stop was Thai food and a pint. We got a couple lagers I went for my Guinness while we waited for a table in the restaurant, it’s amazing how you cross a door and it’s like getting into Narnia, basically it’s a tropical paradise, they call it butterfly themed conservatory, completely opposite to the pub old memorabilia style. 

Jubilee celebration decor
With Maraca
We got our table, and decided to order a couple dishes to share between the four of us. First prawn crackers and spring rolls, both nice, good spicy kick into the crackers and in the dipping sauce for the spring rolls, probably the spring rolls where the weak point. Then as a main, we shared three dishes, Pad Thai, Kaeng Ped Phed Yang, and Pad Gai Himmaparn. The Pad Thai was traditional, well executed, nice chilli flavour, with the peanuts, the bean sprouts, the onions, and the egg, good start. The Kaeng Ped, lovely, roasted duck red curry, the coconut milk just perfect, a touch of pineapple, and the basil, perfect, best dish of the night. Finally the Pad Gai, stir fried chicken, cashew nuts, onions, peppers, chilli, and soy sauce, it was excellent the combination of flavours. 

Lunch menu
Curry Duck
Pad Gai and Pad Thai
Great dinner, nice beer, and amazing venue. One of our friends that visits Thailand regularly said this is the real deal, he would expect these flavours in Thailand. Think that's a pretty good compliment, for me it's a must stop if you're visiting or just happen to be in the area.

Themed pub
Where is the Thai restaurant? © Fuller's
Thailand reminds me the Seinfeld episode “The Bookstore” 

Peterman: Elaine, do you have a moment? It's about your lover 
Elaine: Oh yes. I know all about his little performance in the break room 
Peterman: Elaine, who among us hasn't snuck into the break room to nibble on a love newton? 
Elaine: Love newton? 
Peterman: I'm afraid the problem with Zach is more serious. He's back on the horse, Elaine. Smack. White palace. The Chinaman's nightcap 
Elaine: An addict? Well, it just keeps getting better! 
Peterman: And, in a tiny way, I almost feel responsible. I'm the one who sent him to Thailand in search of low-cost whistles. Filled his head with pseudo erotic tales of my own Opium excursions. Plus, I have him some phone numbers of places he could score near the hotel. 
Elaine: Look, uh, Mr. Peterman, the fact is that I was planning on breaking up with Zach anyway. He was cheating on me! 
Peterman: Damn it, Elaine. That wasn't Zach, that was the yam-yam. Now, he is going cold turkey, and you will be at his side

The Churchill Arms
T: 020 7727 4242
Pub / Thai Cuisine
Approx Damage: £18pp
Area: Kensington
Borough: Kensington & Chelsea
Churchill Arms on Urbanspoon


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