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Best Oysters in NOLA [On The Road: New Orleans]

Not sure where I heard about this place, maybe it was in Anthony Bourdain's show or just another review, the fact is that on a Saturday noon I ended in Drago's Seafood having lunch. The speciality of the place are charbroiled oysters, opened in 1969 by Drago and Klara Cvitanovich, family run place, Croatian origins, friendly service, modern atmosphere, and quiet in contrast of the madness a couple blocks away in Bourbon street. 

The place
They define their charbroiled oysters as Legen… wait for it dary, all started in 1993 when Tommy (Drago and Klara's son) decided to play with a sauce of garlic, butter, and herbs, brushed that mix into the oysters, covered them in a blend of parmesan and romano cheese and then cooked them on their shell into a grill. 

The Speciality
Got to the place ordered a cup of Mama Ruth’s seafood gumbo as starter and half dozen of charbroiled oysters. The gumbo was nice and thick, great flavour, good spicy brooth, nice start. 

Gumbo time
Then the oysters, well they were just amazing, they were so good I decided to get the rest of the dozen, the bartender laugh and told me that happened all the time, they were awesome, best I have had, forget the horseradish this is serious stuff, the garlicky butter with the melted cheese blend, in balance with herbs, a touch of acidity from the lemon, just heaven. 

Oyster time
If you're in New Orleans Drago's a must, as they say is the single best bite of food in NOLA. 

Gumbo reminds me the Seinfeld episode “The Soup” 

Jerry: So he just gets soup. He wants to save the meal. So now I got to do it all over again 
Elaine: What kind of soup did he get? 
Jerry: I don't know? Consommé or something 
Elaine: Consommé, hmm! 
Jerry: What? 
Elaine: Well, that's not really a meal Jerry. I mean, if he had gotten, Chicken Gumbo, or Matzah Ball, even Mushroom Barley. Then I would agree with you. Those are very hardy soups 
Jerry: Elaine you're missing the whole point 
Elaine: What? 
Jerry: The meal is the act of sitting down with him. It doesn't matter what you get, as long as he's sitting in that restaurant, it’s a meal 
Elaine: Was it a cup or a bowl? 
Jerry: You see 
Elaine: I'm just curious 
Jerry: A bowl, ok? 
Elaine: Did he crumble any crackers in it? 
Jerry: As a matter of fact, he did 
Elaine: Oh, well. Crackers in a bowl. That could be a meal 
Jerry: It's like I’m talking to my Aunt Sylvia here

Drago's Seafood
T: +1 504 584 3911
Approx Damage: $35pp
Area: Warehouse District
New Orleans
Twitter: DragosSeafood
Drago's Seafood Restaurant on Urbanspoon


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