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Muffuletta in NOLA [On The Road: New Orleans]

I did a research of what to eat in New Orleans and one particular sandwich came all the time. The Muffuletta, native from NOLA with Sicilian roots, invented by Salvatore Lupo in his store Central Grocery in order to feed Italian farmers that went for lunch at the place. 

The place
Grocery store
The sandwich in question is a Sicilian bread (Muffuletta) which is round, large and somehow flattened, filled with imported salami, mortadella, capicola ham, emmental and provolone cheese, and the special olive salad which you can buy in the store. 

Half Muffuletta
Inventory running low
The sandwich is great, strong flavours, the marinated olive salad, with capers, onions, and garlic, quite nicely aggressive, then the meatiness of the salami, mortadella, ham with the touch of cheese complete the scene. The bread is puffy and impregnated with the juices from the olive salad. 

Hungry patrons
My spot
Satellite view
Cross section
They were making muffuletas like in a factory assembly line, and the queue of people ordering is so big that it’s almost made to order. 

Assembly line
Close up
Olive reminds me Monk’s cashier in the Seinfeld episode “The Pie” 

Kramer: Well, I'm not going to need this anymore. I got Olive 
George: Olive? 
Kramer: Yeah. My lady friend down at Monk’s. You guys ought to see the way she works her nails across my back. Ohh! She's a maestro. The crisscross. The figure eight, strumming the old banjo, and this wild, savage free-for-all where anything can happen

Central Grocery Co
T: +1 504 523 1620
Italian Grocery Shop
Approx Damage: $10pp
Area: French Quarter
New Orleans
Twitter: centralgrocery
Central Grocery on Urbanspoon

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