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Coffee Enquiry XII: The Providores, All you need is Brunch!

Back in London, and decided to have brunch in one of my favourite places The Providores. The place is always packed, long queues, high turnover, quick and good service, but more important consistent good food and great coffee.

Rarotongan Tapa Cloth
Brunch, Brunch, Brunch!

Got to the place with Marisol. 20min queue not too bad for the place. Got our table at the back of the tapa room, had a quick view to the menu. Tragedia! we wanted the same thing, Turkish eggs. Yes the two “spoiler alert” amazing poached eggs with whipped yoghurt, and hot chilli butter with sourdough. I picked the short straw, so I had the tapa room fry-up. Two poached eggs, buttered sourdough, smoked streaky bacon, sautéed buttered mushrooms, and slow roasted tomatoes. Then as side black pudding.

Ready for brunch
Turkish eggs the star of the brunch
The food was great, the Turkish eggs amazing, the spicy edge of the yoghurty eggs, brilliant. One of the best dishes I have tried as I just stole a couple bites. The fry-up was good, nice eggs, well executed, runny yolk, classic combination. And the black pudding was amazing, not too dry, good flavour.

Now to the coffee part!

They sell their coffee beans blend if you want. It’s sourced from Volcano, the small batch gourmet coffee roasters. I ordered my usual macchiato, straight forward, great coffee, no latte art, strong and powerful notes.

Espresso Machine: La Marzocco
Beans: Volcano Coffee Works
Score: 4/5

Marisol's creamy Capuccino
Coffee time
Yoghurt reminds me the Seinfeld episode “The Non-Fat Yoghurt

Kramer: Well, you're getting heavy. Yeah, you look like you put on five, ten pounds
Jerry: Kramer!
Kramer: I'll tell you something else, you're looking a little chunky yourself, buddy
Jerry: Me?
Kramer: Yeah
Jerry: No
Elaine: Where's your bathroom scale? Oh my god, I've gained seven pounds
Jerry: I've gained eight
Kramer: I told you
Elaine: Oh, my god! A couple, but 7 pounds. How did I gain 7 pounds?
Jerry: How did I gain eight?
Elaine I don't get it. I've been doing the same exercises. I haven't been eating anything different
Jerry: Me, either. Wait a second. Wait a second. Maybe it's that yoghurt
Kramer No, no, no. That's hundred percent yogurt
Jerry: Well, how else could this have happened?
Kramer Well, maybe it's the Oreos
Elaine: I don't eat Oreos
Kramer: You don't eat Oreos? The way you break them open? You're practically having sex with them
Jerry: What about me?
Kramer: You? You're getting old
Jerry: Maybe your yoghurt isn't so non-fat
Kramer: Oh, guess again, tubby!

The Providores
T: 020 7935 6175
International / Brunch
Approx Damage: £25pp
Area: Marylebone
Borough: City of Westminster
Twitter: theprovidores
Square Meal


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