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A little Italian place near Highgate

I know Highgate! Is that the end of the world? At least light years from Wimbledon. I couldn't say no, as it was my very good friend Carla's birthday celebration, and let's face it she was coming from Bristol. So as in the Nike motto just do it! The place Fabrizio, a small nice Italian restaurant, run by Fabrizio who learnt the secrets of the business working in his dad restaurant in Rome. Italian staff, a great smell of tomato, basil and mozzarella as soon as you get into the place, and a décor that includes tricolore flags and a mural of the Colosseum. 

The place
Outside ©Fabrizio
Carla did the due diligence of the place as usual. She found out that there is a pizza off the menu named Reale which has salsiccia, salami, and stracchino cheese. I got a bit late as usual, and everybody was already there and just ordering the food. We were a big group sharing some Italian red, Carla and Marisol got into some white wine, probably a couple bottles. Some olives as nibbles, not good ones to be honest as they were completely dry. 

Carla's pizza ©Bribed with food
I was lost in translation with the staff, unless you speak perfect Italian it was a task of pointing into the menu to get what do you want. So you can imagine how I did in my ordering of the secret off the menu pizza, not so good, actually terrible, my waitress understood completely the opposite. On the other side of the table Carla with her north Italian accent no issues what so ever.

By the time we got the pizzas I found out that the waitress wrote La Speciale pizza as my order. Mozzarella, half Parma ham, half speck, and parmesan. Marisol went for the Giorgina, mozzarella, goat cheese, Parma ham and rocket. I was completely frustrated, so far nothing good, problems with the service, not the pizza I want, bad olives, smell a train wreck coming. Let me tell you, that changed as soon as I took a bite of the pizza. It was awesome, great flavours from the melted mix of mozzarella and parmesan, with the delicate Parma ham and the twits and punch of the spicy speck, it was food for angels. 

La Speciale
The Georgina was nice but the Speciale was great, one of the best pizza I have had in London for sure. 

The spicy speck reminds me the Seinfeld episode “The Jimmy” 

George: I have to go see Steinbrenner later. Mr Wilhelm told him that I was the one responsible for stealing all the merchandise 
Jerry: Why? 
George: Because when he questioned me about it I was sweating from the Kung Pao 
Jerry: I don't know how you can eat that spicy chicken 
George: George likes spicy chicken 
Jerry: What's that? 
George: I like spicy chicken 
Jerry: No, no, you said George likes spicy chicken 
George: No I didn't 
Elaine: Yes you did you said George likes spicy chicken 
Jerry: You're turning into Jimmy
George: George is getting upset

T: 020 7561 9073
Italian Cuisine
Approx Damage: £18pp
Area: Highgate
Borough: Islington
Fabrizio's on Urbanspoon


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