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Seiobo [On The Road: Sydney]

I went back to Sydney and one of my first stop had to be Momofuku Seiobo. Yes David Chang’s fusion Asian cuisine in Pyrmont bay. After implementing successfully the Momofuku name in Manhattan, Chang went to conquer down under opening his first international location in Sydney. A great start including 3 hats from the Good Food Guide and a place within the top 50 restaurants in Australian according to The Australian. 

Momofuku takes Sydney
Door to the magic world of David Chang
Definitely fancier than its siblings in the Big Apple, this goddess of the west only has a handful of places for walks in, to be exact a 5 seat bar. The rest works on a reservation only, so be sure to reserve your table or a place in the U shape bar with anticipation. The best sit in the house is definitely the long U shape bar overseeing the kitchen and the action. 

Tasting menu
Chefs in action
Tasting menu, always changing, we got our reservation for lunch. Starting with some snacks, pig skins, described as nori, blood, and chicharone. Quite nice start, the nori one (sea weeds was great). 

As second we got the steamed bun. Momofuku’s signature pork bun with cucumber and hoisin. Bite size, a bit of sriracha sauce to spice things up, excellent as usual. 

Pork bun time
Made in heaven
The third dish was pink snapper with pickled celery. The touch of mustard oil with a nice punch. Sashimi style yet very delicate and well balanced. 

Four dish of the day, potato, watercress, and bottarga. The deep fried potatoes with a walnut touch, really nice, a bit different. The sauce was great and full of flavour. 

Spud time
Then we got Queensland Spanner Crab, with miso and a crab reduction panko, just amazing. Nice textures, the flakes gave crunchiness and made it fun. 

Spanner crab
Moving on, we got Western Australian marron zucchini and mustard. Basically zucchini three ways. Quite nice and well executed. 

Zucchini time
Next dish, Hapuka with steamed paprika, grilled white asparagus, and black garlic. The dish was cooked perfectly, quite subtle, the asparagus a great combination, excellent dish. 

Now was the turn of pork neck with grilled cabbage and oyster. Amazing, the oyster sauce was full of flavour, cabbage nicely done, and the pork perfectly cooked. 

Pork time
Then we got the palette cleanser of the night. Curd goat cheese, mint oil and black currant juice. Nice acidity, a bit sour which make it better, addictive flavour. 

Goat time
Finally, two deserts, first a pear with honey cream, and hazelnut muntries. Quite light but good flavours. Second a donut filled with caramel, again nice, a nice ending of the meal. 

The final donut reminded me the Seinfeld episode “The Note”, but just before the Seinfeld quote I want to wish you all Happy Christmas.

Kramer: Hey, I saw DiMaggio in the donut shop again 
Jerry: Uh huh! 
Elaine: Joe DiMaggio? 
Kramer: Joe DiMaggio, you know this time I went in and sat down across from him and I really watched him. I studied his every move. For example, he dunks 
Elaine: Joe DiMaggio dunks his donut? 
Kramer: That's right 
Jerry: See, now I know it's not him. Joe DiMaggio could not be a dunker 
Kramer: Oh, he's a dunker 
Elaine: Why couldn't he be a dunker? 
Kramer: And nothing diverts his attention. Like, I'm uh, you know, like I'm sitting in there, you know, and I start banging on the table, you know, to look up, you know, like I'm sitting there you know and bang, you know, bang, he wouldn't move. So then I start doing these yelping noises. Like, yip! Yip! No reaction because the guy is so focused, you see, he can just block out anything that's going on around him. See, that's how he played baseball. He dunks like he hits

Momofuku Seiobo
T: +61 2 9777 9000
Asian Cuisine
Approx Damage: AU$150pp
Area: Pyrmont
Twitter: momofuku
Momofuku  Seiōbo on Urbanspoon

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