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Your Majesty King Akaushi at the Burger Palace [On The Road/BurgeReview: Houston]

“I say we leave now, we go to Skyburger and we scarf them down” 
Elaine Benes (Seinfeld episode “The Chinese Restaurant”) 

A good friend of mine has been telling me about Akaushi beef or the American Kobe from a long time. So as soon as I mentioned that I was going to Houston he invited me to try the Akaushi burgers at The Burger Palace

The Akaushi beef is extremely tender with excellent marbling. This Wagyu cattle is original from Japan where it’s a national treasure, but got its way to the US in 1994 thanks to a loophole in the law. HeartBrand Beef sized this opportunity and adapted a 747 to bring to the states a total of 11 Akaushi bulls and cows. Nowadays they are the largest and only purebred group of Wagyu beef outside Japan. 

Got to the place with Reuter and we ordered a Franziskaner weissbier. Studied the menu for a couple minutes to decide what burger to have even asked the waitress for the best seller. The final choice the Texas cheeseburger. The amazing Akaushi beef cooked medium rare with cheddar cheese, jalapeño, caramelised onions, apple wood smoked bacon, spicy mustard, and garlic aioli. As a side some fries with Parmesan and rosemary. 

The Burger
The Fries
The burger is excellent, there are no words to describe the flavour of the beef other than awesome. The beef was perfectly cooked, it was juicy, just amazing. Hope this doesn’t sound cliché but it was one of the best I burgers have tried. The fries were perfectly cooked, nice flavour, crunchy crust and inside quite soft, couldn’t be better.  

The amazing Akaushi burger
If you’re in Houston don’t waste more time in other places and go to try the Burger Palace. I’m a bit afraid, as the place was quite empty, I hope business improves giving me the chance to try again that amazing burger.

The Burger Palace
T: +1 713 877 9700
Burger Joint
Approx Damage: $20pp
Area: Galleria
The Burger Palace on Urbanspoon

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