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Burger Wars Episode LXXXII: Back in Hawksmoor [BurgeReview]

Double dipped? What are you talking about?
George Costanza (Seinfeld episode “The Implant”)

I came back to Hawksmoor Seven Dials to get their special third burger. Yes their third burger changes with each season, and for this Spring we got the Five Pork Burger.

Burger Time
The Five Pork comes with a Tamworth pork patty, sausage meat stuffing, smoked bacon, greens, and apple ketchup, all this on a brioche bun. If that’s not enough, as a side you get pork scratching and sausage gravy for dipping and double dipping.

The verdict, delicious, not the healthiest burger but a really tasty one.

The damage, 15 quid for the burger plus fries

The conclusion, the burger was spot on, great flavours, good balance, the pork scratching were a nice touch, triple cooked chips perfect as usual. A solid 9.5 of 10 for Hawksmoor seasonal burger.

Close up
T: 020 7420 9390
Approx Damage: £25pp
Area: Covent Garden
Borough: City of Westminster
Twitter: HawksmoorLondon
Square Meal

Sunday Roast at Hawksmoor

It was the last day of Maraca’s et all visit, and I wanted to get them to a nice Sunday roast, so after a bit of hesitation, trying to position ourselves in a place that might worked for a different kind of sightseeing and for a great roast I took them to Hawksmoor in Spitalfields. 

The bar
Basically a meat paradise, the menu with a central focus on steaks, T Bones, Ribeyes, Porterhouse, Fillets, Sirloins, my kind of place, and actually Maraca and her committee as well, let’s be honest four South Americans, 2 Brazilians and 2 Venezuelans, we grow up meeting meat since we were little. 

Meaty sins?
Got to the place, looked the menu, all of them went for the Sunday Roast, I couldn’t resist the Ribeye, grilled bone marrow, and the half lobster with Hazelnut butter. As side to share some triple cooked chips, and creamed spinach. 

If the king was having and banquet that was it, the Roast traditional roast beef, roasted on a spit over open fire, giving a charcoal smokey flavour, duck fat potatoes, Yorkshire pudding, carrots, greens, and lashings of bone marrow and onion gravy. 

The food was delicious, one of the best steaks I have eaten in London, my ribeye was perfectly cooked, juicy, great flavour, the bone marrow, what can I say, I just loved it, and the lobster, was fresh, with subtle touches of the hazelnut butter, just perfect. I tried the roast beef and was pretty nice, all of them were delighted, and even Maraca commented that for her the best roast beef she has had was her mothers until that day now it’s Hawksmoor. 

Perfect ending: aperitif Venezuelan Rum
Roast reminds me the Seinfeld episode “The Strongbox” 

Jerry: Check these out. These are Jerry Lewis' old cufflinks that he actually wore in the movie Cinderfella, I got them at an auction
George: I got some cufflinks I could've loaned you
Jerry: No, Jerry Lewis is going to be at this Friar's Club roast I'm going to next week, now I have an in to strike up a conversation with him
George: You already have an in. You have the same first name! Jerry!
Jerry: Oh, that'll intrigue him
George: Well, it worked when I met George Peppard last week
Jerry: George Peppard has been dead for years
George: Well, whoever he was, he knew a lot about The A-Team!

T: 020 7426 4856
Approx Damage: £45pp
Area: Spitalfields
Borough: Tower Hamlets
Twitter: HawksmoorLondon
Hawksmoor on Urbanspoon

My Top Ten London Burger Guide

After visiting 50 places 50 different burgers I think is time to do a retrospective analysis to see how the quest is progressing and what are the results so far. 

Burger Time
My top 10 in a galaxy not so far away… 

Korean style Kimchi Cheeseburger, have to say every bite was glorious, the spicy fermented vegetables done properly playing with the melted cheese superb. 

Kimchi Time

Their simple burger which you can upgrade with several toppings like sautéed mushrooms, cheddar, bacon and even fried egg. Another perfect score for the runner up, the crispy bacon with the cheddar just awesome. 

Goodman Burger

Daniel Boulud spin off of his NYC restaurant, with the same 3 burgers, same style, same Yankee, Frenchie, and Piggie, but also on special occasions a fabulous burger comes into play just like the Moroccan burger I had in their anniversary a great burger. 


Burger Masterchef Fred Smith gastropub, never stop to impress with his creation and special burgers, the special Iberico burger I had was perfection in a bun. 

Iberico Special

Simon Wadham takes on burger, the Luxury one with all the trimmings, perfectly executed and great flavour. 

Luxury Burger

The Mal burger, beef supplied by Donald Russel cooked to perfection, but the melted gruyere with the special tomato sauce makes the difference. 

Mal Burger

The indoor bbq grill A.K.A. Josper Grill gives the BdV Burger another dimension, classic approach with bacon and melted cheese complete the scene. 

BdV Burger

A slider made it to the top ten, but is a hell of a slider, Iberico pork burger with foie gras, melted manchego, and aioli, you will be proud to be Spaniard while eating this baby, be prepare to eat more than one. 

Iberico Pork Burger 

The city saw how the buzz created by the blogging community and doing things right took Yianni to another level, after a food truck, some festivals, and a pop up, we got a permanent location, be prepared to queue for a while as the buzz is as strong as the early days, the Bobcat burger is an icon in the city. 

Bobcat Burger

The small restaurant in Borough serving a consistent and pretty good cheeseburger, the mix of cheeses they used, sourced from the market is to die for.

Elliot's Cheeseburger
Burgers remind me the Seinfeld episode “The Parking Garage” 

Jerry: Why do I always have the feeling that everybody's doing something better than me on Saturday afternoons? 
Elaine: This is what people do 
Jerry: No they don't. They're out on some big picnic. They're cooking burgers. They're making out on blankets. They're not at some mall in Jersey watching their friends trying to find the world's cheapest air conditioner


View Top 10 Burgers in London in a larger map

Burger Wars Episode XX: And the best burger goes to…

I can’t believe I have been in 20 different places eating burgers around London trying to find the perfect one. I have had good moments, huge disappointment, but overall the ride has been great.

The Place

The Contenders

This time I rejoin forces with my friend Carla, she’s basically guilty for pushing me to have a blog and to write about finding the best burger, so in my mind it’s a huge coincidence if I find the perfect one with her, you know the she started / she ended paradox.

Beef Dripping Chips

The place Hawksmoor, I tried a previous time to get to one of their two restaurants and they weren’t serving food by the time I got to the place. This time we went to the Covent Garden restaurant Seven Dials. The place was fully booked but as we only wanted the burger, the bar was just fine for us to have drinks and eat their contestants.

Hawksmoor Hamburger

Basicaly three burgers, the first one Hawksmoor Hamburger with small nuggets of bone marrow, lettuce, red onions, tomato, pickles, and ogleshield cheese or colston bassett stiltlon. The second one Burger Van Burger, with slow cooked onions, and ogleshield cheese. And last but not least the Kimchi Burger, which is a cheese burger with Kimchi, which is basically a traditional Korean fermented vegetables dish.

Kimchi Burger

Carla went for the Kimchi and I couldn’t resist the bone marrow so Hawksmoor was my option, for a weird reason both wanted to try the other burger so we decided to cut them in half a share the flavour. To join the burgers beef dripping chips and a beer.

The verdict, AWESOME!!! I sincerely doubt I will find a better burger than these two we tried in the place, the Hawksmoor is amazing, the bone marrow and stiltlon another dimension, but the Kimchi is even better, a spicy flavour thanks to the fermented Korean recipe, just unbelievable. The fries perfectly cooked crispy outside, soft inside, and the flavour amazing, just spotless.

The damage, 15 quids for the burger with chips

The conclusion, by far the best burger I have had in my life, as my friend Luna says “The Fork is strong in this one Master”. Even Carla said she’s going to marry the Kimchi burger, I’m still going to check the remaining places but pretty much game over. In my scale a solid 10 for Hawksmoor, best burger and perfect chips so far.

This game over reminds me the Seinfeld episode “The Contest”.

Elaine: Hello
George: You caved?!
Jerry: It's over?
George: You're out?
Jerry: Ohh-my-God. The Queen is dead.
George: I figured you'd cruise. At least through the Spring.
Jerry: What happened?
Elaine: It was, uh? John-John.
Jerry and George: Ohhhhh! John-John.

Hawksmoor Seven Dials
T: 020 7856 2154
Borough: Westminster
Area: Covent Garden
Twitter: HawksmoorLondon
Hawksmoor (Seven Dials) on Urbanspoon

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